Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons is widely regarded as one of the world’s most iconic, influential, and controversial artists of the postwar era. The American contemporary artist is most known for his works of stainless steel with mirror finish surfaces. Born in York, Pennsylvania, Koons made a name for himself through working with everyday objects and focusing on themes that revolve around self-acceptance and transcendence.

Koons recently broke a world record for his piece, Balloon Dog (Orange), which is now the most expensive artwork by a living artist ever to sell at auction, having sold for $58.4 million. His most comprehensive retrospective to date was exhibited at the Whitney Museum in June 2014 and continued to the Centre Pompidou and the Guggenheim Bilbao.

Oceana Bal Harbour joins the exclusive company of world-famous museums and galleries by becoming the permanent home of not one, but two, Jeff Koons original sculptures. The sculptures will take center stage in the building’s 60-foot-tall outdoor breezeway.

Oceana Bal Harbour is a fantastic example of how art can function. People aren’t always able to give a sculpture that opportunity to display itself; to be able to design architecture that gives a place an emotional home for art where it’s really part of the essence of the location. It’s a place where artwork can really interact with residences’ daily life.

Jeff Koons in Florence

Seated Ballerina


Pluto and Proserpina


Seated Ballerina and Pluto and Proserpina, displayed in the beachside gardens and breezeway’s reflecting pool that connects the building’s ocean and bay facades, respectively, literally reflect the exquisite taste of Oceana’s residents. These pieces will be an integral part of your own personal art collection, as their ownership will belong to the Oceana residents.

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